Making It Through Your Children’s School Year ALIVE

“I can hardly wait to go back!” “I hate school; I wish summer never ended.” Which is your child? If your children don’t want to go to school, you need to explore why. Maybe they don’t like school because it’s hard, they don’t have any friends, their teacher picks on them, or they feel stupid. Can you blame them? Most self-respecting adults wouldn’t jeopardize their egos the same way we expect our children to. The difference is we have a choice–children don’t–they have to go to school.

How can you get your children to like school? This section gives parents and teachers the keys to unlocking their children’s motivation, and to helping them achieve the very best they can. It also enlightens parents on their children’s friendship list at school and how this often reflects their own popularity, as well as some tips on how not to get involved in their children’s homework.