How will feeling messages improve your family life?

o First, your children will listen to you and do what you ask them to. For many parents this is an incredible breakthrough. They’re so used to badgering their kids all day, they don’t know how to react when their kids actually follow through. You’ll find responsive children make all the difference in the world to your family life. For example, you’ll want to take your kids on holidays with you instead of leaving them behind. And you’ll want to know if they like the home you want to move into, or what color they want their bedroom walls painted. Why? Because you want them to be happy.

o Another happy change is that parents come to know their children better. They find out what their kids really did at school, what makes them laugh, why they got sent to the office, and what they want more than anything else in the world. Parents are often surprised to see how inventive their children are at solving problems. They have a simple but true way of looking at life, which leaves parents asking themselves, “Why didn’t I think of that?” As they watch their children genuinely trying to help them out parents can’t help but show more love and affection towards them.

o Parents also find themselves being more honest with their own feelings. They get better at figuring out what is bugging them and why. Some parents are surprised to find out they do in fact have needs, which they’ve been treading on for years, because their kids or spouse or house always came first. This inspires parents to take directions which make them happy or fulfill their ambitions in life.